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Managing Factory and Process Industry Maintenance

Managing Factory and Process Industry Maintenance

  • Managing Factory and Process Industry Maintenance - Tailors the best practices provided in sessions 1 - 6 to discrete manufacturing and process industries applications. Ensures that lessons learned are applied properly for the participant's application.

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Schedule: Every day, starting on 11/12/18 and ending on 11/13/18
Times: 08:30am - 04:30pm

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Joel Levitt
Joel Levitt
Biography: He has 25 years of experience in many facets of maintenance including process control design, source equipment inspector, electrician, field service technician, maritime operations and property management. Prior to that, Levitt worked for a CMMS vendor and as an owner/manager in manufacturing. He has a degree in Computer Science with graduate work in business, psychology and engineering. Mr Levitt has trained people from virtually every one of the Fortune 500, and from most of the Fortune Global 500. Many have come back and requested consulting or customized maintenance management training for their in-house staff. Over 15,000 maintenance professionals have enjoyed his training in 21 countries in over 500 public workshops in more than 20 countries. 98% of attendees rate the program very good to excellent! He has written 10 books on managing aspects of maintenance and published over 100 articles for the trade press.

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