Course Detail: OSHA3095
OSHA 3095 Electrical Standards
This course covers OSHA Electrical Standards and the hazards associated with electrical installations and equipment. Topics include single and three phase systems, cord and plug connected, fixed equipment, grounding, ground fault circuit interrupters, and safety related work practices. Electrical fundamentals are reviewed and their application to the analysis of causal factors in an electrically related accident/fatality. National electrical code and other NFPA codes as well as ASTM and ANSI codes related to electrical safety will be referenced. Students will participate in workshops on the safe and correct use of electrical testing equipment.

Session Detail: 2046218
Schedule: Every day, starting on 09/24/18 and ending on 09/27/18
Times: 08:00am - 05:00pm
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Facility Detail
Name: Bryant Conference Center
Address: 240 Paul Bryant Drive
City: Tuscaloosa
State: AL
Zip: 35487
Phone: 205-348-8600

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A cancellation charge of $193.75 will be assessed on cancellations occurring within 7 days of the start of this session.