This five-day course is designed for asbestos abatement and control personnel at the supervisory or management level.
May 11, 2020 to May 15, 2020, Capital Hall
December 7, 2020 to December 11, 2020, Capital Hall
This three-day course is designed to train individuals to discover, sample, assess and document asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) in buildings. Techniques which focus on compliance with U. S. EPA regulations are emphasized. This course is required for accreditation as an Asbestos Inspector in the State of Alabama.
February 17, 2020 to February 19, 2020, Bryant Conference Center (4 seats (20%) remaining)
October 5, 2020 to October 7, 2020, Bryant Conference Center
In this two-day Management Planner course, participants are taught how to evaluate and interpret asbestos inspection results. Methods for assessing asbestos-containing material (ACM) risks and selecting appropriate response actions are presented. A model format for developing an Asbestos Management Plan is introduced and discussed.

NOTE: Accreditation as an Asbestos Inspector is a pre-requisite to accreditation as an Asbestos Management Planner.

This course is required for accreditation as an Asbestos Management Planner in the State of Alabama.

This course contains no sessions
This course meets the special requirement of Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) regulations related to training of School Asbestos Coordinators (local educational agency designees).
April 8, 2020 to April 9, 2020, Perdido Beach Resort