Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC seeks the assistance of The University of Alabama and its identified Maintenance Reliability Subject Matter Expert to customize a maintenance management reliability workshop. The desired training outcome from a two day on-site workshop would assist Honda Manufacturing of Alabama Staff with the ability to Discover and Diagnose Potential Failure and Deterioration Level of Equipment.
This course contains no sessions
The University of Alabama (UA) College of Continuing Studies is offering an online test preparation course for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSMr) exams leading to the CPSM r certification. The UA CPSM preparation course consists of, three (3) modules to be completed within nine (9) months of enrollment. The student will have access to the CPSMr test preparation course through the UA online training portal for one (1) year from the date of enrollment. This Agreement is effective on the first date it has been executed by an authorized representative of both Parties ("Effective Date").
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