Course Detail: PMJUMP
Project Management - Jump Start

Project Management-Jump Start-is a one day workshop designed to introduce participants to the body of knowledge and practice of Project Management. The workshop is designed with the business professional in mind to share foundational knowledge and skill basics to enhance the streamlining of business practices by looking beyond the technical skills toward project-based work skills.

As global competition and instant information access continue to accelerate the speed of business while compressing business reaction times, chaotic situations can become the standard for any business regardless of its size; its industry, or even its target market. Project Management "Jump Start" provides a glimpse at a concise set of logical methodologies to help any organization and its stakeholders, who share in its success, actually control the aforementioned chaos and remain focused on three primary success factors: schedule, resources, and product quality. By introducing team building, templates, tools and techniques and targeted strategic qualitative and quantitative indices, PM "Jump Start" can introduce some of the key predictive concepts to answer the :what", and the "when" questions that allow all organizations to increase their chances of success with a more iterative, efficient, and effect level of effort.

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