Course Detail: QEWCP1
Qualified Electrical Worker Certificate Program

The Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW) series helps the employer meet the NFPA and OSHA requirements that workers be qualified. This series assures both employee and the employer that proper attention and training have been given to the employee concerning potential electric shock, fire and arc flash hazards.

Students have a choice of taking one or both of the courses concerning voltage (above 600 volts or less than 600 volts). Taking this into consideration, the Certificate Program can consist of seven or eight courses.

ELECTIVE courses (one is required, but both can be taken):

QEW142: OSHA Electrical Requirements LESS THAN 600 Volts (0.4 CEUs)

QEW143: OSHA Electrical Requirements ABOVE 600 Volts (0.4 CEUs)

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This program is available 24/7. Once you register, usually within three business days, you will be sent a user name, password and instructions. Then you can start at anytime. Work at your own pace.

Available Sessions