Course Detail: HSMCP
Health & Safety Management Certificate Program

Who should take these courses?

The online Health & Safety Management Certificate is geared toward employees who have been given the responsibility of health and safety on a part-time or full-time basis, but have no formal education in health and safety. It is also geared toward someone who has moved into health and safety management, or who wants to build a competency in health and safety to meet the requirements of the External Degree Program at The University of Alabama. In addition, the courses can be taken individually if someone needs an introduction or wants to develop a competency in a specific health and safety topic.

Description of the Certificate:

To earn the online Health & Safety Management Certificate, the student will need to complete FOUR core courses and SIX electives for a total of approximately 100 hours of online course time. Each course is approximately equal to 10 hours of classroom instruction time.

Core courses:

  • HSM 101 Introduction to OSHA (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 102 Introduction to Workplace Safety (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 103 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 104 Introduction to Workers' Compensation (1.00 CEU)

Elective courses of which you will choose only SIX (6)

  • HSM 202 Introduction to Mine Safety (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 301 Managing Hazard Communication Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 310 Managing Ergonomic Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 311 Managing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 312 Managing Fleet Safety Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 701 Managing Bloodborne Pathogen Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 702 Managing Heat Stress Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 901 Managing Wellness Programs (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM 902 Managing Health Promotion (1.00 CEU)
  • HSM QEW 141 Understanding Basic Electricity for Electrical Safety (.40 CEU)

Electives will be developed based on demand for specific topics.

Computer and Internet Requirements: DSL, high-speed internet preferred.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will vary depending on electives chosen.

This program is available 24/7. ONCE YOU REGISTER, usually within three business days, you will be sent a user name, password and instructions. Then, you can start your course(s) at anytime. WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE

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