Course Detail: BFSA
Black Faculty and Staff Association Professional Development Conference

Conference Theme: 2020 Vision: Building Capacity to See and Sustain Communities

Conference Presentations:

Name: Jeena Owens
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Creating Freelance Opportunities
Participants will learn how they can leverage their skills and talents to create businesses or freelance opportunities.

Name: Melinda King
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title:Salary Negotiation
Attendees will acquire tips and tools to utilize when negotiation salaries in a current or for future career.

Name: Quincy Hall
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: The Curricular Approach - How "ResLifers" Play a Role in Student Learning
Attendees will get a brief overview of both the historical and contemporary contexts of student learning, the progression of approaches to student learning, the role of student life practitioners in education, and will learn about the Residential Curriculum of Housing and Residential Communities.

Name: Nikita Y. Harris
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Authentic Leadership: The Truth Shall Set You Free!
This workshop will focus on identifying and respecting your own deeply held values as a leader while maintaining honest relationships with followers built on foundations of truth, ethics and positivity.

Name: Angela Martin
Institution: Hunt Oil Company/Commerce/Bama at Work
Title: Workplace Conflict Resolution
You will learn: How to Effectively Resolve Workplace Conflict / Leading and Managing Teams through Conflict / Taking Ownership of YOUR Behavior /Build Confidence in Having Difficult Conversations

Name: Beth Howard
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Equal Opportunity in the Higher Education Workplace
This presentation will present an overview of laws related to equal opportunity in the workplace and resources available to employees should they need to report illegal harassment or discrimination. The presentation will also discuss aspects unique to employees in a higher education setting and how institutions of higher education can work to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Name: Tariq Draine
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Fostering Healthy Relationships in the Workplace
Attendees can expect to receive key notes and tips pertaining to self- development and methods to mirror transparency in character traits. By the end of the presentation the hope is for audiences to walk away with invaluable relationship building techniques that can be applied to all areas of society.

Name: Wanda M. Burton
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Coping at the Intersection: Understanding Gendered Racism & Black Women's Mental Health
Attendees can expect to have a clear understanding of gendered racism and identify common & effective coping strategies used by Black women.

Name: Andre Denham
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Strategies for Success in the Academy
This presentation will provide attendees with insights on how to navigate the process from PhD student to tenured professor. This presentation will most benefit those who are interested in making a career in the academy or who are already on the path towards tenure and promotion.

Name: Mary Lowrey
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Interviewing and Resumes: What am I doing wrong?
This workshop provides participants with detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide on writing effective resumes and cover letters. Participants will learn about the job search process, how to market themselves effectively, and how to get up-to-speed with common interview questions, as well as how to strategically answer each question.

Name: Allison Upshaw
Institution: Stillman College
Title: Non Traditional Publishing and other resources
Multimodal publishing, creative publishing, non-traditional publishing, academic publishing, and public scholarship. Participants will learn about non-traditional publishing opportunities: what to look for and how to submit.

Name: Allison Upshaw
Institution: Stillman College
Title: Creativity in Critical Thinking for Classrooms and Communities, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Facilitation skills
Participate in a series of short activities that stimulate creative and critical thinking processes. Participants will then work toward adapting them for personal use in the workplace and community.

Name: Cindy Jones / Panel
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Navigating Life as an African American Woman at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution)
A discussion panel on how black women can thrive in environments whose landscape does not necessarily reflect their race and gener.

Session Sponsored by the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association
Names: Michael Innis-Jimenez, Mercedes M. Morales Aleman, Jaime Garza
Institution: The University of Alabama
Title: Mentoring in Academia
Participants will engage in a discussion on lessons learned and best practices with regard to mentoring across the academic spectrum.

Name: Richella Vincent-Lee
Institution: TIAA
Title: Financial Literacy and Retirement
Attendees will receive information and tools for financial planning. Attendees will receive expert advice on saving for life events and retirement, investing, and more.

Name: Dr. Miyoshi Juergensen
Institution: The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Title: Syllabus Upgrade: Diversity, Technology, and the Post-Secondary Learner
Attendees can expect to learn ways to engage students and enhance their learning experiences using diverse voices and integrating technology. Attendees can expect to get some practical ways to upgrade their syllabi in any discipline.

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