Course Detail: UMCP
Understanding, Motivating, and Communicating with People
Program Description

This course is designed to help managers at all levels of an organization successfully run the complex maze of human relations that exists in every workplace. Specifically, this session helps participants to remove barriers to communications, to manage communication networks, to listen well, to assess interpersonal styles, to understand and use motivational techniques, and to develop and implement an adaptive leadership style.

Who Should Attend
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Executives
  • Department Heads
  • Human Resource Management Professionals
  • Superintendents
You Will Learn
  • The relationship between effective performance, rewards and job satisfaction
  • How to remove barriers to effective interpersonal communications and listen more productively
  • To assess their own interpersonal style and its effectiveness
  • To understand body language
  • The essentials of human relations
  • The techniques for working with people used by peers from other organizations
  • How and why to get employees involved
  • To create a climate for motivated job performance
Program Outline, Topics Covered
  • Communicating and Listening Well
    • Removing barriers to effective interpersonal communications
    • Managing formal and informal communications networks
    • Understanding body language
    • Developing an awareness of what needs to be done to listen more productively
    • Acquiring knowledge about how to listen well
  • Understanding People
    • Learning the essentials of human relations
    • Assessing yourself and your interpersonal style
    • Identifying what supervisors should know about their people's supervisors, peers, and subordinates
  • Motivating Employees for Increased Productivity
    • Crack the code on why the different generations in the workplace either collide or collaborate
    • Determine motivation factors according to personality
    • Get dynamic 360Ař feedback that can be used in your workplace to help your employees talk about sensitive issues such as the gossiping that is hurting the team or the person who isn't carrying his/her share of the work load
  • Understanding Leadership
    • Developing the management perspective
    • Developing and adapting your leadership style
    • Implementing your new leadership skills on the job

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions