Course Detail: NMBC
Negotiating, Mediating and Building Consensus
Program Description

Individuals who make their living directing a group of even the most motivated employees to get work accomplished (i.e. supervisors, managers, etc.) spend significant time, energy and other resources "managing employee differences." Doing this well is the key to timely work completion with minimum resource commitment.

This session offers skill development in the three most potent managerial tools available to resolve issues created by employee differences-negotiating, mediating and consensus building. Choosing the correct tool for a situation and using it well is a key to superior results.

Who Should Attend
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Executives
  • Department Heads
  • Human Resource Management Professionals
  • Superintendents
You Will Learn
  • To mediate employee differences
  • An effective negotiating style
  • Methods to build buy-in and consensus.
  • The negotiating process
  • To listen and translate to resolve conflict
Program Outline, Topics Covered
  • Negotiating Successfully
    • Understanding negotiation as a win/win technique
    • Recognizing and eliminating roadblocks and resolving issues
    • The negotiating process: planning pre-negotiation, preparation, developing strategies and tactics, negotiation techniques and the negotiation session
    • Identifying your negotiation style and how to use it effectively to obtain successful agreements
    • Using negotiation skills to influence other, obtain support, develop other and obtain needed changes
  • Consensus Building: A Center of Collaboration
    • Understanding the basic principles of reaching consensus
    • Building consensuses through collaboration
    • Making decisions and solving problems
    • Handling problem situations
  • Mediation: Tools for Your Toolbox
    • Identifying stages of work group development
    • Recognizing the costs of unresolved conflict
    • Strengthening you conflict resolution skills
    • Listening and translating to resolve immediate problems
    • Laying the ground work for healthy interactions in the future

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions