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Teambuilding: Building and Leading a High Performance Team

This workshop is a dynamic half-day program designed to help leaders maximize their team results by learning the ingredients of building a high performance team. Led by Curtis D. Curry, Ph.D., who has helped tens of thousands of leaders around the world develop world-class leadership skills, participants will discover effective ways to build and lead a high performance team, identify team strengths and areas that may be inhibiting team effectiveness, align mission, goals, and values and discover opportunities to leverage differences to achieve peak performance. Building a high performance team starts with effective leadership, and effective leadership begins with self-awareness. The workshop will focus on heightening the leaders' self-awareness while also tapping into the powerful front-line experiences of the participants.

The workshop is designed to help participants:

- Learn the key elements for building a high-performance team

-Improve teamwork by avoiding the fatal "5 Dysfunctions"

-Describe four ways to cultivate trust with employees

-Improve communication skills with a focus on listening and learning to use fact-based behavioral feedback

-Clarify leadership values, personalize a "leadership vision" and link it to the company's mission and values

-Motivate & influence employees more effectively

-Exploring thinking preference styles, identify natural strengths and potential blind spots, and relate these to leadership effectiveness

-Identify areas for improvement and setting developmental goals

-Develop strategies to strengthen team relationships by creating an action-plan

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