Course Detail: LDSTR
Leadership Strategies
Leadership is both art and science. Decades of research have identified the "hard skills" (a.k.a. competencies) associated with the knowledge and behavioral traits required of leaders. However, such competencies must effectively be put into action in order to yield results. Therefore, perhaps equally important, are the efforts associated with utilizing "soft skills" related to the abilities and traits that make leaders effective. In other words, modern leaders move beyond knowing merely what to do and are deeply invested in how to do it - the most effective way. Seeking the appropriate balance in each set of attributes is essential in leading organizations, people and especially oneself toward fulfillment of strategic purposes. In this workshop, we delve into a past, present and future view of leadership and move toward a progressive view of striking this required balance. At the center this modern leadership blend of actions is a keen focus on how to influence others, negotiate effectively, resolve conflict, and set a culture of accountability in obtaining multi-level results toward strategic purpose. The workshop concludes with a dynamic practical approach for translating workshop learning into actionable leadership efforts for participants and their respective organizations.

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