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Leadership Agility - Becoming Fast, Focused and Flexible in an Ever-Changing World
We live in a "VUCA" environment - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. A combination of market disruption, technological change, competition, economic downturn, etc. is placing a demand on leaders to respond even more quickly and adaptively to meet ever changing market, customer and competitive challenges. To be successful now and in the future, leaders, teams and organizations must have agility to effectively manage in a fast, moving and turbulent world. Another way to look at Leadership Agility is to answer three basic questions: why, how and what. Why is building an Agile organization important? Agility helps businesses, their leaders and employees adapt and thrive in VUCA world. How does Agility create long-term business success? Through a series of best practices, practical tools and processes, companies learn to build a dynamic capability to sense impending change and respond to it better and faster. What does Agility accomplish? Building Agility within your workforce helps leaders and businesses become more focused, fast and flexible. Organizations and individuals at all levels become more focused on strategic imperatives; and capabilities become faster and more flexible in responding to ever changing times.

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