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Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Certification Training & Maintenance Training Institute

The purpose of the Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Certification Program is to improve the professional, administrative, and fiscal skills of participating municipal revenue officers through a series of courses approved by the Municipal Revenue Officers Association. Because of the increasing complexity of municipal revenue administration, this certification program is designed to help municipal revenue officers develop their management skills and abilities and obtain more expertise and status in their profession as they serve their communities.

Who Should Attend

Municipal revenue officers, business license inspectors, license clerks, finance officers, tax auditors, city clerks, or municipal officials responsible for the administration and/or enforcement of tax laws of a municipal government in Alabama.


The certification training program is composed of 60 contact hours. Each year, two training sessions, consisting of two and a half days each, will be offered in the spring and the fall. The program is designed to allow participants to begin training during any session but are offered in order.

General program topics include: roles and functions of revenue officers; general principles and policies of revenue administration; legal issues of revenue administration; and pertinent management and professional development topics.

To register for the Certification Training Institute, you must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. Be a municipal revenue officer, business license inspector, finance officer, tax auditor, city clerk or municipal official responsible for the administration and/or enforcement of tax laws of a municipal government within the State of Alabama.
  2. Be a member of the Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Association.
  3. Submit an approved Certified Revenue Officers' application with appropriate documentation. If you are not currently enrolled, write or call us for a general information brochure/application form and submit payment of a $25 application fee payable to The University of Alabama.
  4. Furnish a letter of recommendation from a sponsor (i.e., a fellow revenue officer, a city council member, or the mayor).
Candidacy Requirements

To become a candidate for the professional designation of a certified municipal revenue officer, a participant must have successfully completed all educational sessions of the program and have held a position in municipal revenue administration for three years.

Certification and Certification MaintenancePurpose

Participants must successfully complete the entire 60 hours of courses to achieve the professional designation of certified municipal revenue officer. Certification maintenance will require completion of 20 hours of approved continuing education programs every two years.

Certification Attendance

Participants are advised to attend all sessions. Only one 2-hour class can be missed for every two 2-1/2 day sessions. Participants who miss more than one class in this time frame will not be given credit for attending the Institute.

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