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CompTIA™ is the Computing Technology Industry Association, and CompTIA™ A+ certification program is the industry standard for validating the skills expected of entry-level computer technicians. CompTIA™ A+ certification opens the door to an exciting career in computer technology.

The CompTIA™ A+ program will prepare you for two CompTIA™ A+ certification exams: A+ Essentials and A+ Practical Application. Topics covered in the program include motherboards, memory, processors, video, storage media and devices, printers, operating systems, networking, security, and more. Gaining CompTIA™ A+ certification assures employers and computer owners that a PC repair technician has the requisite knowledge to build, upgrade, optimize, troubleshoot, and repair personal computer (PC) systems.

This online program will prepare you to take your A+ exams, but the exams or exam vouchers are not offered as a part of this online program. It will be your responsibility to set up exam dates and pay for exam fees independent of this online program.(150 Hrs)

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